Chrysoprase (Lemon) Tumble Stone



Motivates and inspires, protection against nightmares and negative thoughts

Lemon Chrysoprase is said to help with depression, it can help keep the mind more alert, helps to instill wisdom and self-confidence it can help with nightmares especially in children. Placed next to the bed and it will aid restful sleep.



These stones have a beautiful translucent lemon yellow/green colour, that can fade in sunlight and when heated. Lemon Chrysoprase can sometimes be mistaken for jadeite. Take care of your Lemon Chrysoprase as the stones dry out they can loose some of their translucency and luster, to restore this just leave them in a moist cloth.

The ‘Stone of Settlement’, this stone hold’s energies that help strongly in the treatment of eating disorders, stomach upset’s and in settling fear.

Lemon Chrysoprase can bring a more settled outlook on life and situation where there is an eating disorder present.
Helping to bring acceptance as well as stimulating the appetite and natural instinct towards eating and drinking, back to its healthy and balanced state.
This stone can also help in settling stomach upset’s, very good in fighting against nausea, especially where the trigger is from one’s own fear’s or thought’s.
Lemon Chrysoprase is also good in settling children who get easily distressed being away from the safety of other’s such as during the night (bedtime), and where there are fears of the dark that can often bring on nightmares.
This stone will be beneficial in bringing a more secure and settled feeling and outlook to those who often feel threatened or un-safe in their surrounding’s or in life itself, raising inner-confidence and self-belief.
Lemon Chrysoprase brings the mind to such a settled state that one will be more receptive to new ideas and wise teaching’s, allowing more stepping stone’s to be placed and bridge’s to be built.
A nice stone to use if one wishes to have a more relaxed dream state, lessening such busy and vivid dreams so the mind can settle as the body does.
Lemon Chrysoprase can be very beneficial with children who have fear’s of being left out of the safety of other’s because they are actually very spiritually aware – aware of spirit themselves.
This stone will bring them comfort, security and understanding, as well as calming down the amount of spirit activity around them.