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Chrysoprase (Lemon) Tumble Stone ~ Self Confidence ~ Nightmares

Chrysoprase (Lemon) Tumble Stone ~ Self Confidence ~ Nightmares

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 ~Lemon Chrysoprase ~

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Aries

♡ Motivates and inspires, protection against nightmares and negative thoughts

♡ Good for keeping the mind more alert and to in-still wisdom and self-confidence.

♡ Helps with nightmares especially in children, placed next to the bed and it will aid restful sleep.

♡ The 'Stone of Settlement', this stone hold's energies that help strongly in settling fear. 
♡ Helps in settling children who get easily distressed being away from the safety of other's such as during the night (bedtime), and where there are fears of the dark that can often bring on nightmares. 

This stone has a colour that can fade in sunlight and when heated, so be sure to keep out of direct sunlight.