Comfrey Hemp Balm Plus ** Natural Pain Relief

Comfrey Hemp Balm Plus ** Natural Pain Relief

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Personally I can’t recommend this enough! As someone who has chronic neck and joint pain this has been an absolute godsend to our range.  

Within our shops we have given out a few sample jars and the reviews from customers have been equal to mine….. pain relief and finally restful sleep.  

For quick acting, lasting pain relief, use our Comfrey Hemp Balm Plus.

It has more active ingredients that can help with the management of chronic and severe pain.

We have combined the healing qualities of Comfrey, Coconut Oil, Hemp seed oil, Beeswax and full spectrum hemp extracts to formulate a balm that works for a number of ailments and conditions.

Gently massage a small amount into the affected area and allow a few minutes for the balm to penetrate and begin it’s action.