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Earth Healing Crystal Kit
Earth Healing Crystal Kit
Earth Healing Crystal Kit

Earth Healing Crystal Kit

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Earth Healing Crystal Kit

Beautiful crystal set put together to help heal our planet.  Comes in cute suede tribal pouch. 


Brown aragonite is considered to be one of the most effective earth-healing stones. This stone is very grounding and stabilising to the earth. It helps with geopathic stress and unblocks ley lines..  

Black Tourmaline

Use black tourmaline to ease the tension in areas where there are pollution and geopathic stress.

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue tiger eye helps to heal the earth’s energy and also provide grounding vibrations to Mother Earth.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is made of the fossilised remains of the most ancient of lifeforms. It helps to connect you to the Deva’s of Mother Earth, so you can work with them through the Green Kingdom to help heal the planet. Kambaba acts as a portal to the far past of Earth, so you can return to the past and heal it or bring forth ancient knowledge. 


A stone known for compassion and unconditional love, rhodochrosite helps to heal trauma and the heart in a gentle manner. Rhodochrosite helps with positive attitudes and helps the earth’s natural Kundalini energy as it is settling into new areas