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Energy Flow with Katie from Sage Caravan

Energy Flow with Katie from Sage Caravan

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Katie from 'the sage caravan'

ls available for ‘remote’ energy flow sessions - Fridays online through Kiki the Hippie Shop. 

Energy flow sessions: an intuitive ‘remote’ and 'hands-on' healing method of energetic flow through the body (complemented with the use of crystals); to relieve, release and balance.

Remote appointments include a conversation or email prior to and afterwards, to discuss the session.   

$66 - 30 mins   /   $88 - 45 mins (lockdown prices)



‘I recently experienced a very debilitating illness and was in immense pain. I was affected so much, that I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t focus on anything, let alone getting better. My wife asked Katie to come over and do some energy flow sessions with me. After my first session I experienced a lessening in the overwhelm which enabled me to breathe and reduce the anxiety around my diagnosis and there was a noticeable reduction in the pain and inflammation. After a few more sessions I was able to make better decisions around my health and focus on my recovery, almost all of the pain had receded and my movement was restored…’- John - NSW (2021)

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