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Hippie Mamas
Hippie Mamas

Hippie Mamas

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Hippie Mamas - A Guide To Holistic Parenting

Hippie Mamas - A guide to holistic parenting is the ultimate natural remedies manual for expecting, new and established parents.

Discover the world of holistic parenting with recipes and practical information involving herbal alchemy, aromatherapy, meditation, and holistic nutrition. In Hippie Mamas, Rita Balshaw equips parents with the ultimate guide for natural remedies and raising children in a holistic lifestyle.

Covering everything from preparation and pregnancy, the magic of birth, nurturing a newborn, and cherishing children as they grow, this book offers safe and inexpensive ways to look after yourself and your family naturally.

Author : Rita Balshaw

Published: April 2018 


ISBN: 9781642048506