Issy’s basic crystal kit

Issy’s basic crystal kit

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Issy’s crystal favourites

I personally selected each of these crystals as they all have such amazing qualities. These crystals have helped me open a new outlook on life, aided me in manifestation, helped me gain self love and overall balanced me out. 🌙🤍 

Picture is of exact crystals you will receive!


  • 1 x selenite mini wand 
  • 1 x moonstone tumble 
  • 1 x rose quartz tumble 
  • 1 x black tourmaline tumble 
  • 1 x amethyst tumble 
  • 1 x blue calcite tumble 
  • 1 x fluorite tower
  • 1 x labradorite tumble 
  • 1 x green moss agate tumble