Make Garbage Great
Make Garbage Great

Make Garbage Great

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Author: Szaky, Tom & Zakes, Albe

From TerraCycle, the upcycling and recycling company that has achieved global renown as a leader in the industry, Garbage Is Great is a visually exciting exploration of how the products we use in our daily lives impact the environment and explains what readers can do to help.

Jam-packed with information, more than 200 photographs and illustrations, and approximately 20 DIY projects, this stunning, graphic volume is destined to be the definitive household primer on going and staying green for audiences of all ages.

In this fun, pop culture exploration, two ecological entrepreneurs examine the materials we use in our daily lives, show how they impact the environment, and provide project ideas-from recycling to upcycling and more-to lessen our impact and protect our world.


ISBN: 9780062348852

Publish Date: 1/07/2015

Page Count: 224