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Osteomancy Reading (Bone Casting) with Maiki-Jane from Sage Caravan

Osteomancy Reading (Bone Casting) with Maiki-Jane from Sage Caravan

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Maiki-Jane from 'the sage caravan'

ls available for osteomancy readings - Wednesdays and Thursdays online through Kiki the Hippie Shop.

Casting the bones (osteomancy) is the ancient practice of casting bones and curios for divination that has been used by numerous cultures throughout the world. Bone divination provides a picture of the entire landscape of your life in the moment with the ability to dive into certain areas for a closer view. Providing an in-depth response to the sitter's question or situation.

$88.00 - 45mins


'The reading of bones was an exceptional awakening and gave me the energy and forecast of what I needed to see for what I was about to go through. My reading was full of love, energy, light and magic.'
Shonnie, South Coast NSW

'My reading helped me to weave myself back to a positive mind and to manifest the future of good health and a speedy recovery.'

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