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Smoky Quartz Point (d)
Smoky Quartz Point (d)
Smoky Quartz Point (d)

Smoky Quartz Point (d)

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πš‚πš–πš˜πš”πš’ πš€πšžπšŠπš›πšπš£ π™ΆπšŽπš—πšŽπš›πšŠπšπš˜πš› ~ π™Άπš›πš˜πšžπš—πšπš’πš—πš, π™Ώπš›πš˜πšπšŽπšŒπšπš’πš—πš, πš‚πšπšŠπš‹πš’πš•πš’πšœπš’πš—πš

Β ~ Smoky Quartz ~Β 

β€’ Smoky quartzΒ is anΒ fantastic stone for removing negativity and negative energy of any kind whichΒ  transforms into positive energy.

Β  Β β€’ It is also a very protective and grounding stone.

β€’ It brings physical and psychic protectionΒ 

β€’ An amazing grounding stone, which allows you to become more present

β€’ Reduces stress and anxiety in the bodyΒ 

β€’ A spiritual band-aid to any painful emotional woundsΒ 

β€’ Releases negative thoughts associated with fear, jealousy and anger

Measures 6.5cmΒ high x 2cm wide