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Spirit Talk with Katie from Sage Caravan

Spirit Talk with Katie from Sage Caravan

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Katie from 'the sage caravan'

ls available for spirit talk readings - Fridays online through Kiki the Hippie Shop.

Spirit talk readings - connecting mediumistically to communicate with your passed loved ones / ancestors to bring forth their messages

- $99.00 (lockdown special) -  60 mins

‘Katie was spot on, I felt reconnected with my family and friends who have passed. I was relieved after communicating with them – knowing that they are in a better place and that they’re together. I was able to recognise them when Katie was able to pick up on specific details like their sense of humour or stories of when we were kids. I left feeling lighter and more at peace. I would recommend Katie to anyone who would like to reconnect with passed friends or family.’ - D.J. - NSW -  2021

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