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The All seeing Heart Oracle
The All seeing Heart Oracle

The All seeing Heart Oracle

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These cards will guide you to find your calling and live in the essence of love. Together, we can raise this vibration in the world.

Each of the 44 heart cards in this jaw-droppingly beautiful deck is a living, sacred guide, a channelled aspect of the Divine. These cards will help you intuit your hearts messages , find comfort in your discomfort and open yourself to healing and transformation. Discover:

♡ Heart Wisdom that teaches you to trust your intuition;

♡ Heart practices to increse your energy and find peace and joy;

♡ Heart medicine for your body, mind and soul;

♡ Heart temples where you can rest, work through your fears and limitations, and create real and lasting change in your life.

Saira Hunjan is an artist specialising in visionary art. She practises a devotional path and has channelled all the images on these cards.