Psychic Readers

A message from Dorothy


Hi I’m Dorothy Fraser.  I have worked as a psychic reader and healer for over 25 years.  With your permission, during a psychic reading, I ask creator, your guides and angels for information relevant to you.  I see, hear, feel and know this guidance which I then can pass onto you clear guidance and direction for all areas of your life.





A message from Terri-Ann


I am a natural born Psychic Medium living in the Huskisson area. I have been communicating with the Spirit world since age 11. I hear, see and feel messages from Spirit often being given names as proof.  Using my Psychic ability I give guidance on your personal life – past, present and future.  I frequent psychic expos as an experienced professional reader and believe that sharing laughter is a powerful gift.




A Message from Melissa

Melissa is available by appointment only for psychic readings and mediumship most days at either shop.  Melissa has been a psychic reader for over 30 years and comes to the Hippie Shop highly recommended.