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A Little About Me

This is a hard question for a lot of people to answer…  When asked to explain who you are, what comes to mind first is “what we do”.  But in reality this isn’t who YOU are… what we do helps define us, but isn’t what we are…

So, I wont tell you all that I do, how many kids I have, and where I live… Instead, this is me.

I am a soul who longs for a world where love and tolerance abound.  I dream of communities of people living together, sharing their daily life joys and struggles amongst eachother.  I yearn for a world where it is easier to lift someone up than it is to tear them down.

I am a dreamer.  I am an artist.  I am a sister, a daughter, a mother and a wife.  I like to see the beautiful in everything.  I love to learn from everything I see and do.  I have been called a fairy by many, and thoroughly enjoy being out in nature amongst the sticks and trees finding treasures along my way.

I cry easily and feel too much at times. There are days where my heart aches and there are days where I feel like I am soaring like an eagle.  I try to embrace all spectrums of my soul and ride the waves of life as they come.

I look forward to finding more of myself through this blog, exploring life and all it is.


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