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  • Accept Nothing Less ~ YOU are your most valuable asset!

    It is times like these that I am grateful for my teenage years spent with my cousins doing up their Mazda Rotary Cars.  The hours, weeks, months, often years they would put into restoring their precious cars allowed me to see how something we value should be treated. 
  • Enough is Enough

    I am tired, I am angry, and I am frustrated that people can’t hear what the issue really is....
  • The Gold Pan Is Shaking

    The past year has been one hell of a ride.... but I love to look at it like a gold miners gold pan.... imagine yourself .... a little nugget of gold.... being shaken around in a gold pan. Work? Health? Covid? Jobseeker? Job maker? Home loan? Plandemic?  Home schooling? Just to name a few of the hurdles 2020/21 has brought to our world.... but now. Take a deep breath and imagine you are a little gold nugget in a pan being shaken
  • Real Vs Fake Crystals

    I stumbled across this fantastic website today with clear easy to understand descriptions of some of the current “fake” crystals doing the rounds online at the moment. 
  • Can I Have Screen TIme?

    In teaching them, I also learn myself.  If I had nothing, there would be no chores to do... without all my kids, my washing pile would be minute...  so today, I love my mountain of washing, I love my huge grocery bill as it means i have so many loving mouths to feed, and I love both my jobs... 
  • Peer Pressure

    So I said no, meant no and have stuck to my no… And I can only hope that this gives all parents a little boost of confidence to be happy in their choices, whatever they maybe.  They are yours to make and yours alone.  Today I will wear my badge of parenting choices with pride…
  • Messy House Loving Heart

    Amazinginly the group of teens that can be so judgmental on themselves and eachother where the ones to teach me to accept myself, my house and my life.. mess and all..

  • Expect Great Things

    An interesting conversation was had around our dinner table the other night.  What started with a teenager simply noticing she was treated differe...
  • I Am Greatful

    Today, as I look back over my past week, I am grateful.   I am grateful for the handful of friends & acquaintances who have noticed that I’m n...
  • A Little About Me

    When asked to explain who you are, what comes to mind first is “what we do”.  But in reality this isn’t who YOU are… what we do helps define us, but isn’t what we are…