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Accept Nothing Less ~ YOU are your most valuable asset!

What behaviours have you let creep into your life?  Sometimes ever so slowly, gradually, getting a little bit worse over time.  Often these behaviours come with an apology, an explanation, sometimes even blame.  

All too often, I hear stories from all walks of life, struggling to make sense of how they have woken up to be in a relationship where they are feeling disrespected, unloved, and left feeling anything but respected.  

It is times like these that I am grateful for my teenage years spent with my cousins doing up their Mazda Rotary Cars.  The hours, weeks, months, often years they would put into restoring their precious cars allowed me to see how something we value should be treated. 

  • We didn't eat in the cars as so much time was spent restoring upholstery
  • You had to be trusted to be given the chance to drive their car.  One mistake, and that privilege was taken away.
  • We walked cautiously around them, so not to scratch the paintwork

This is just a few ways we acknowledged how precious these cars were to them. 

It is in my late teens seeing this that I realised the similarity in how I should be looking at myself and what behaviours I should be accepting towards me.  If a car could be loved and valued so much, then how much should we value and love ourselves?  

I am all for second chances and people do make mistakes, but for some reason, I see so many struggling to give themselves permission to demand more.  

  • Friends / boyfriends / girlfriends / partners / parents..  all these relationships can fall into a level of toxicity that hinder our abilities to find joy in life.

So think of your most precious thing.... and start only letting people treat YOU how you would let them treat IT.  

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