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I Am Greatful

Today, as I look back over my past week, I am grateful.  

I am grateful for the handful of friends & acquaintances who have noticed that I’m not feeling the best.

In a world so fast paced and automatic

“Hi, how are you?”, “good, how are you”, “great, bye”

a few people have gone beyond this.  Realising my “good, how are you” came with a strain, an effort beyond words, and asked a little more…

“are you OK Kelly?”

Do you know what happend next?

Nothing immediate… I didn’t open up… I still said “i’m OK”

But what happend later was healing, was comforting, was reassuring.

I don’t like to think I walk around town looking so obviously down, but It was truly helpful to realise that our community hasn’t lost its heart.  There are still people out there who really care if others are honestly going ok.  They haven’t fallen into the trap of the automatic question and response that goes on a hundred times a day.

Simply knowing that others saw my burdens and offered an ear was enough to lift my heart and help me carry on.

In our shop we are visited all day long by customers with some amazing stories of joy and laughter… but we also hear many journeys of pain and despair.  It is nothing for some to stay for a few hours, simply enjoying the serenity our store provides, and the companionship we all long for.

Somedays it has felt like the world had gotten to busy for most, and that our sacred space in the little Hippie Shop in Vincentia was one of the last authentic places for people to be real with what they are feeling.  But after this week, I am encouraged that the community I live in has the time and heart to see beyond the smiles and truly care about the people within in.  For this I thank you.

I urge everyone to not go about each day with a simple question and response interaction with those they meet.. take the time somedays to really care, to really listen and to honestly hear what others have to say.  If we could all feel belonging in our community, there wouldn’t be so many people crying out in loneliness.  

In a world where people are living so close to one another, crammed into apartments and townhouses, it is hard to imagine why so many feel so isolated and alone… How have we got to busy to care?

Everyone of us has a story to tell.. a life that has been led.. mountains that have been climbed and pits that have engulfed…

Maybe one day I’ll open up about mine, but for now its enough to know that a stranger was willing to listen xx

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