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Peer Pressure

So today is the last day of school… Apparently all the kids in my daughter’s yr 9 class aren’t going to school… “Can’t I have the day off too?”

Little does she know I nearly said yes… I didn’t want to be the one tough parent who doomed her daughter to a day of lonliness and embarrassment of being the only one to turn up, let a lone being the one who misses out on all the fun on this socially acceptable missed last day of term….

And then I thought… Am I just inadvertently teaching my daughter to cave to peer pressure? I didn’t want to look like the nasty mum… I didn’t want to be un cool in a sea of coolness… I didn’t want the other parents to make fun of my parenting style… Is this not peer pressure?  Yes I was putting it on myself but I quickly realised a yes from me would teach her and our other kids that if everyone else is doing it, we should too.

So I said no, meant no and have stuck to my no… And I can only hope that this gives all parents a little boost of confidence to be happy in their choices, whatever they maybe.  They are yours to make and yours alone.  Today I will wear my badge of parenting choices with pride…

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