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Messy House Loving Heart

My house is a mess… a disaster zone some days… I am the first to admit this. I wont make excuses other than I am a mother of 4 + any number of kids friends who want to drop by… I am always creating something and the best way to do this is to have all the fabric, feathers, wool and beads strewn around me until it all comes together …..  washing piles up, dishes stack on the weekends, and pets are everywhere….

Do you know what I learnt today?… its not about your house… your unmessiness, your magazine perfect house, your things, or your perfectness….

my daughter had a large group of friends “pop in” on Sunday.. and by large i mean about 10.. and by “pop in” i mean a text message “mum everyone is walking back to ours now”… i looked around and nearly died…  i had never met these teens… no idea who their parents are… all i see is my catastrophic making mess… and i cringe…. i take a deep breath and embrace all that i am… turn up my favourite music channel, light some incense and hope for the best…. what else can i do.. there is no way i can clean it all up in 5 minutes flat…

what followed is heartwarming, and scary all in the same breath… everyone, all of them… uttered the same words and continue to do so… “your house is amazing”, “can we come over next weekend”, “lets have a party here”, “can we sleep over?”, “i love it”,

what made our house so inviting?  the old floorboards?, the washing in the lounge room drying by the fire to save on electricity?, the pile of dreamcatchers half made hanging in the loungeroom above the floor covered in material and wool? The chickens that find their way inside if the back door is left open or the 3 younger siblings that i randomly send downstairs to spy/annoy their older sister every 10 minutes or so…

or simply, the loving, accepting atmosphere?  I took a breath of this is me… and breathed out a breath of “that is you”… and at that moment we were one…  it wasn’t about the things, or stuff, or money or status… it was about the soothing music that soothed their ears… the beautiful aromas that greeted their noses, and the non judgemental hellos by all our kids and us… the i love you for who you are that greeted them at the door….  

then it hit me… i am ok.. just as i am.. mess and all….  

Amazinginly the group of teens that can be so judgmental on themselves and eachother where the ones to teach me to accept myself, my house and my life.. mess and all..

So thank you, my daughters friends… life lesson learnt. xxxxxx

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