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Can I Have Screen TIme?

As a mother in a household of 6 kids, 4 biological and 2 twin step sons, life can be hectic. 

One of the main thoughts that run through my mind on an hourly basis is "am I raising my kids in a way that is teaching them how to be self sufficient, loving, striving, well balanced adults?"  

As much as i love and adore my kids, i know it isn't healthy to have adult children still living at home, unmotivated, living out of our pockets, in a fantasy world of what life is really like.  I want them to be great partners when and if they decide to settle down...  More importantly I want them to have the drive to grab life by the horns, and have the time of their lives.  

To do this, they do need financial backing behind them, they need to know how to feed themselves, clean up after themselves, be responsible for themselves.

So today my "Can I have screen time?" board has been born.  Their flow chart is finished with the mantra "I am greatful I have parents who love me so much they want to see me succeed in my life".  

I want my kids to know chores aren't punishments, they are blessings... we have enough money to own a dishwasher that we get to stack and unstack... we are blessed with chickens who provide us fresh eggs, pets who love us, an education system many countries long for, and so many clothes we don't know where to put them.  

In teaching them, I also learn myself.  If I had nothing, there would be no chores to do... without all my kids, my washing pile would be minute...  so today, I love my mountain of washing, I love my huge grocery bill as it means i have so many loving mouths to feed, and I love both my jobs... motherhood and being the owner of the Hippie Shops.  Both provide me endless ways to show my love to my kids, and the ability to lead by example that hard work is rewarding in so many ways.  

So to all the parents out there.. don't be afraid to teach your kids responsibilities...  they are another way to show you care. xxxx

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