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Expect Great Things

An interesting conversation was had around our dinner table the other night.  What started with a teenager simply noticing she was treated differently at school by her teachers (not getting into trouble for not adhering to school dress code) ended with a powerful statement as to why….  This girl looked at my daughter who does get in trouble and pulled up for things and said,

“They expect more from you”

This sincere little sentence has led me on a weekend worth of soul searching and deep thought. What do we as adults portray to the children in our lives about our belief of greatness for their future? Something so precious can be pulled out from under these young people with ease, without thought, and often without care.

Now I know the school that this girl goes to and they are sincerely trying to help a wounded soul, but by not treating her with the same expectations as the other students they have unwittingly lowered her expectations of herself.

In a world already filled with self-doubt, we need to expect greatness from everyone around us, but especially the young people we come into contact with.  Each individual is capable of amazingly wonderful things, sometimes we just have to help them realise they have wings and can soar.

If we expect someone to fly, and truly believe they can, then at least they might just try.


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