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The Gold Pan Is Shaking

The past year has been one hell of a ride.... but I love to look at it like a gold miners gold pan.... imagine yourself .... a little nugget of gold.... being shaken around in a gold pan. Work? Health? Covid? Jobseeker? Job maker? Home loan? Plandemic?  Home schooling? Just to name a few of the hurdles 2020/21 has brought to our world.... but now. Take a deep breath and imagine you are a little gold nugget in a pan being shaken... what you are going to be left with is only other gold nuggets.. all the shit is being sifted.... filtered out of of your life... and at the end of all this you will be left with true friends, real relationships, and a life you’ve always deserved! Only gold is left in your pan... your world and your life.... so as I am saying to myself everyday... enjoy the ride! Everything is shaking up so we can be left with only what we really need in our life xxxxxx here’s to the nuggets in your day! I hope they are big and beautiful.... xxx

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