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Daily Healing Kit
Daily Healing Kit

Daily Healing Kit

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We need guidance from time to time.

With insightful messages, Daily Healing cards from healer, Inna Segal, work as a reminder to delve into your heart and soul, Awaken the eternal wisdom that lies deep within your subconscious so you can be your best self.

This kit includes Daily Healing cards accompanied by 5 crystals that support healing and self love.

♡ Clear Quartz ~ Master Healing crystal, Boosts other gems properties.

♡ Rose Quartz ~ Stone of unconditional love.

♡ Smoky Quartz ~ Grounding and relieves stress and anxiety.

♡ Amethyst ~ healer of people, calming stone.

♡ Sunstone ~ stone of self confidence, happiness and joy.


All packaged in a handmade velvet drawstring pouch.